Chevrolet Equinox Problem Report

Chevrolet Equinox Day Running Lights May Not Work Due to Failed Resistor

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The day time running lights (DRL) resistor may fail causing the daytime running lights to stop working. Our technicians tell us a failed resistor will require replacement.

Daytime Running Light dash indicator will flash approx. three times and the the daytime lights will go off. They will turn on all the lights when it is completely dark, but nothing will come on in the daytime or even foggy conditions. The headlight configuration on my 2005 equinox is 1. Auto 2. Running Lights and 3. On Note: there is no "OFF" because the car is equipped with daytime running lights. DRL -
dashboard light flashes, but daytime running lights do not work -
The DRL indicator lights up and flashes a handful of times on the dash and then goes off. The daytime running lights are not working. -
Found the defective resistor, rusted and cracked. Will replace and see if day running lights work. -
drl doesnt work bad resistor where can i buy this part without goin to a dealor -
Same problem....... trying to find out where it is located -
DRL will not activate. Light flashes at start up and lights do not come on. Standard headlights work fine. -
Drl resistor fail -
Both my daylights are out -
drl indicator light flashes. cracked resistor! -
DRL light and headlights flash, then go off. All other lights work. -
DRL are off. Dash light flases a few times and then goes off completely- Second time I had an issue with the DRL. -
no daytime lights -
DRl doesnt worl Resistor Bad where can i get a resister that i dont hafto go to a dealer Roger pritts -
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