Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Door window motor failure

(25 reports)
window motor has been replaced twice and now it has failed again. -
Drivers side door window motor has been replaced twice and now the window motor needs replaced again. Is there a problem that Chevrolet is aware of, and will they replace it this time free of charge? The window is only used maybe twice per week at the ATM machine and 2 to 3 times per month at a drive-up window. Do you have a 800 number for Chevrolet? -
Driver window will not go down. -
Passanger's side motor went on my truck. Have not replaced it yet. -
Replaced window regulator twice on driver side and once on passenger side in the last 2 years. -
Both driver and passanger electric window failed. Sporadic and now more often -
Both window motors are getting very weak. -
same problem with passenger side window -
Rear door window failure, drivers door window failure 195,000. Replaced drivers door window regulator twice -
same it 3 time replace -
This my second window motor I have put in and now I have got another one and my window want let up at all -
window on driver side stays broken and off track -
Have had to replace both window motors and switches. -
Had to replace Driver's and Passenger Motors. Passenger side motor failed again. Too costly to continue to go through the exercise. -
new regulator -
Passenger window motor failed. -
Exact same as the comment. I haven't been fixed yet. -
slow up and down. worse up than down -
mine has also been replaced twice and will fail now and again -
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