Driver's Door May not Open on Honda Accord

The driver's door latch assembly can break internally, which causes the door to stay closed. The interior and exterior door handles do not work to open the door. Our technicians note that the door panel must be removed while the door is closed (likely damage will occur) and the latch assembly must be drilled in a specific spot for the door to open.

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Average mileage: 169,030 (15,300–338,000)
19 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011
113 people reported this problem
61 people shared problem details
1998 Honda Accord202,745
I Have a 1998 honda accord lx v6 and it runs fine but im constantly climbing over my center console to enter and exit my vehicle and I am over 6' ft tall! I cant deal with this anymore! I have not been able to go where i want because I am HIGHLY embarassed about climbing out on the passenger side and I cannot find anything or anyone online that can show an actually decent video of give simple instructions to fix this problem! HOW DO I FIX THIS ISSUE???? I thought Honda's were reliable and USER/ DRIVER FRIENDLY??? Im starting to seriously doubt that reputation........
Driver door will not open....lock goes up and down but will not unlock....since door won't open, can't take panel off to repair....called a locksmith who stated he could not help....what to do? Car is in great shape, but don't want to spend $1500 to get repaired
Tried going to work and my door was jammed shut, had to crawl through the passenger side... Why is my accord having so much trouble?
2003 Honda Accord130,000
passenger side door will not open from inside or out..
1998 Honda Accord199,000
Driver side door latch assembly broke internally cannot open door.
1999 Honda Accord210,000
Find a youtube that shows how to open it without cutting anything. We did and it worked.
2000 Honda Accord124,000
I cannot open the driver's side door from either inside or outside latches. I have taken a look at my latch and found that it is indeed broken internally.
The driver's door latch assembly can break internally, which causes the door to stay closed. The interior and exterior door handles do not work to open thedp
Door lock assembly/actuator does not work. Dorr will not open from inside or outside. Need instructions on drilling to free cam that holds door shut.
2011 Honda Accord68,000
door will not open not fixed yet
1991 Honda Accord176,520
cant open door from the inside or outside
Front driver door won't open, from inside and out
1991 Honda Accord160,000
Cannot open driver side door from interior or exterior. Cannot get to the assembly because door pannel screws are inaccessible when door is closed
door jam shut, unable to open driver side door.
2004 Honda Accord190,000
My driver side door will not open from the inside however, it will open from the outside. Please help, my mechanic keeps telling me its a small piece he can get but he hasnt gotten it and its been almost a month. Im tired of rolling my window down and reaching my hand out to open my door..
1997 Honda Accord200,000
door doesnt open from inside
I went to unlock and open my door. It unlocked, but wouldn't open. I tried from the inside as well. But it wouldn't open from the inside either. I don't know how to go about fixing this, as it hasn't happened before.
1999 Honda Accord200,000
My driver side door closed and will not open the handles move both exterior and interior but it will not budge
had to rip off door panel, use hole drill to make a hole in latch assembly plastic cover, not actuator... Then made a hook with a bent Phillips with ground tip.. Fished around until latch finally opened . Thought it as just a bad actuator, replaced, worked for about ten times,latch failed AGAIN. Ripped off panel, fished around for 15 minutes until opened again. Now going to replace whole assembly. It is probably worn and not the fault of the actuators, but the mechanical assembly itself. PITA!
My drivers side door won't open from the inside or outside and my window Is off track.
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