Driver side window seal replacment on Toyota RAV4

Average mileage: 83,222 (15,000–139,000)
6 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, more2010, 2012
11 people reported this problem
9 people shared problem details
Window seal arond door frame is broke and falling out. Air leak is horrible. purchased new seal. is there a proper prcedure to replace, or just pull the old on wout, jam the new one in.
2006 Toyota RAV475,000
I noticed the driver's side passenger window seal was tearing about a month ago. Than yesterday after going to the ATM and rolling up the window the driver's door window seal came completely off. I checked the passenger side window seals and they are about to fail.
2004 Toyota RAV4107,000
window seal droops and gets sucked into door frame when lowering window. hinders raising window and causes squeaky wind sounds when driving. have not fixed yet because i have no extra money.
2004 Toyota RAV4139,000
Back rear window seal gets dragged down with window.
2007 Toyota RAV480,000
Passenger and riverside seal tearing when windows roll up or down
Seal on all windows hanging
At the original problem the Rav4 was still under warranty. I had all 4 seals replaced due to the fact, they all failed. Toyota replaced them and the drivers side was replaced twice under warranty and now needs replacement again. Now I am going to have to replace it for a cost of $200. I think there is an issue with the track itself. This is the first vehicle that I have ever had issues with the window seal. I had a Honda Civic that had 136,000 miles and never an issue with the seals.
2007 Toyota RAV4115,000
Driver and Passenger side window seals torn
2012 Toyota RAV415,000
I had the same problem with the driver's side front window seal.Took it to the dealer and they orderd the new seal and replaced it for me.All is well so far! Thank you! Toyota Rule's !!
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