Check Engine Light and Engine Stalling on Infiniti Q45

The crankshaft angle sensor or the camshaft position sensor can fail and cause loss of engine power, an engine that cuts out, and other drivability problems. This will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Certain models have been involved in a recall to replace the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. For more information on this recall, please click here»

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Average mileage: 111,300 (10,900–200,000)
6 model years affected: 1990, 1998, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004
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2003 Infiniti Q4596,000
2003 infiniti q45. white smoke out the end of the tail pipe, on start up in the morning. some time poor drive(power) performance. some times motor wont sart.
engine light came on and the car stalled out and cut off start back up after 5 minutes
2001 Infiniti Q45156,000
There is a loud clicking sound on driver side of engine. Car shut down while driving 70mph. Not much power but it will crank no smoke out of tailpipes
2004 Infiniti Q4589,000
camshaft position went ban turn the engine light and stalled my car out
2002 Infiniti Q45200,000
The code came up as crankshaft sensor I change that and is still cutting off but it's restarting does it have more than one crankshaft sensor
1990 Infiniti Q4546,100
I just purchased this car from an old (he 92 and her 78) friend. They are the original owners. The car has been garaged its entire life and has not been involved in any accidents. After a couple weeks, I drove it to a store. When I returned the car did not want to start. After several attempts the car started but idled very rough, fluctuating between 300 and 1000 rpm. The check engine light stayed on. The idling finally started to calm. I started to drive home and there was a lack of power. I checked the codes and received a code 11. I reset the computer and the car performance returned to normal for a few days. Then without warning it all started again. Will Infinite warranty this under a recall or should I tackle the repair myself?
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Codes said to replace knock sensor but check engine light stays on. Also, there was the smell of raw gas in the cabin and on the left side under hood but no sign of leak.
The ignition coil may intermittently fail and cause drivability problems.
idling problems , stalling when i stop at a red light, i cleaned throttle body, and maf sensor,...
where is the knock sensor on a 1996 q45 infinity
cut off twice, like the key was turned off once at 70 mph and once at 45 mph it sputtered sligh...

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