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Infiniti G35 Check Engine Light and Engine Stalling

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The crankshaft angle sensor or the camshaft position sensor can fail and cause loss of engine power, an engine that cuts out, and other drivability problems. This will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Certain models have been involved in a recall to replace the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. For more information on this recall, please click here»

This just started for me, I was driving along, when all of sudden my car just died, when I stopped, I couldn't get the vehicle started, it was acting like it didn't have gas, but I did. A light saying VDC (slipped) turned on as well as the service engine soon. I let it sit for a few minutes and it started, it keeps doing it now. I looked on line and saw this recall, so I am taking it in to Infiniti dealership to check. -
While sitting at a light, my car shut off, engine light came on as well as VDC off and slip light. Car started up up little hesitatation. Repeated next day. -
Car started shaking. Pulled over to check tires. Hard time restarting car and check engine light came on, but it got me home. Took it to shop who said was the camshaft sensor. Contacted Infinity Customer Service to check on recall. Surprise surprise, VIN not on "the list". Seems like with all the reports on this website of the same problem and all of the VIN's not "being on the list" maybe a new recall should be called. -
Took my 2005 G35 coupe to Infiniti of Tampa for front axle issue. Found out there was a recall. Delaership changed the part without conferring with me. I didn't think anything of it. 6 months later I notice car will have idle issue and occasionally stall out. I've had the car stall out twice while driving. The latest was this morning as i was turning right into my office. Due to the stall there was no power steering and brakes were mushy. I barely made the turn and was able put the gear in neutral and start the engine again. I had to apply gas to keep the rpm above idle and engaged to "D". Problem persisted and had to apply more gas to keep above idle and park safely. -
Replaced all sensors twice now and it just went out a third time -
Check engine light came on, car started dragging through mid range rpm's. Car feels like it has no bottom end power, no torque. I replaced the sensor myself 8 months ago, since then, the sensor has thrown the check engine light 3 times and each time my car feels like crap. Every time i have auto zone check it , it is the same code, Camshaft sensor bank 1. i tried disconnecting the electrical clip and putting it back on in case it wasnt seated fully. Weird thing is, it started working right and my car felt better than ever for 3 days, full power, no hesitation. Then out of the blue, the light comes on again and my car feels like a dog. I have an 07 6mt and its aggravating that its not on the recall list. wth is the deal with that? -
Car stalled on reverse. Restarted w/Check Engine, SLIP & VDC lights remained on. Took to dealer, said the Passenger side Cam Sensor had oil in it and was faulty. -
Just like the others, the car was difficult to start all of a sudden and the dashboard lights came on. This happened on a Saturday. After reading other reviews of the same issue I thought it would be fine to drive it over the weekend and take it to a shop on Monday. While driving it on Sunday I experienced the total loss of power while accelerating. Needless to say it's going to the shop today. 2006 is not a year impacted by the recall yet I'm having the same issue. -
Check engen light flashes on my car and sometimes stays on and when I have it checked at my local O'Reillys it comes up as the crankshaft position sensor camshaft position sensor -
SLIP + VDC off and check engine soon lights on. feels as though the car looses power, then "lurches" as though almost stalling. twice stalled out while vehicle in motion. -
sensor issue -
Car has had both camshaft positioning sensor replaced and the crankshaft positioning sensor about 2 month ago but today I started my 2007 Infiniti g35 coupe and it was idling real high then I went to back out of my driveway and the car died when I went to start it again it wouldn't start at first then after trying for a few min it started up but it wasn't running smooth and when I got it out on the highway it would cut out kind of and didn't really have the power so I stopped and shut it off and went to restart it the car started hard and there is no warning lights on my instrument panel can someone tell me what's going -
Check Engine light came on and Nav screen showed VDC Failure. -
Same thing! all dash lights came on as motor died. throwing P0011 and P0021 but have read that it could be one of the camshaft or crankshaft sensors due to all being on the same circuit. -
Same problem like everyone else does it ever go away even when you buy a new sensor -
Car stalls with VDC and slip lights coming on. I had a cam indicator replaced, and I am still having the same problem. I won't be buying another infiniti. -
The 1st time it happened, my wife was driving our 2 year old daughter to the playground when the car stalled while turning into a parking lot. I drove it for a few days over which time it happened several more times. I replaced both cam shaft position sensors, then drove it for another week with no issue. A week after giving it back to my wife it happened again and now she won't drive it. It seems to happen at low or slowing engine speed e.g. when slowing for traffic signals, or turning (usually across a lane of traffic!). I have had it happen twice on the interstate and I believe it was immediately following a sharp release of the accelerator, as when punching it to pass then release, or reaching speed limit, and release, from acceleration lane. I don't know the ECM codes now but they indicated: cam shaft position sensor 1 and 2, then another for an out of range voltage reading. There does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary with the voltage with my meter, while in the driveway. I can see how a voltage problem could cause Cam Pos Sensor to fail; I wonder if there are any others with this code? Like everyone else, mine is not covered under the 2003 recall. Infiniti said to get a class action suit started, I have to take it in to their mechanics to be certain of the problem then call back for step two; which I assume is wait for them to self report. -
While taking a turn, my car suddenly died on me. All SES lit up, and I had to dangerously pull to the side of the road. For half an hour, the car would not start, but all the lights worked, just the engine wouldnt start. After about a half dozen attempts dispersed over 45 minutes, the car finally started. I am worried about driving it now, as I am scared it will die along the highway. Will contact infiniti -
Car stalled a few times in my driveway, a minute or too after pulling off. Last week it stalled on me in the middle of traffic, but luckily while I was stopped due to a traffic jam. There is no warning when the stall occurs, just that you lose power suddenly and you realize the car is not moving when you press the accelerator. I do not trust driving it now for fear it will quit while I am in moving traffic. -
My vehicle shut off without warning while I was on the freeway with my daughter in the back seat. I frantically kept hitting the start button for several minutes until the car started again. It is currently being repaired by the dealership, but having seen these reports now (and documents on the site related to a 2003 recall), I advised the dealership to look into this defect to ensure this doesn't happen again. -
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