Mercedes-Benz ML500 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML500 Door Storage Pockets May Become Upglued and Fall

(11 reports)

The door storage pocket can become unglued and fall into the door.

Door pockets unglue and fall into the doors -
Pockets had been glued back on when i bought the car. Didn't notice it tip I got the car home. -
The door pocket on the front passenger-side door became loose and within a couple of weeks, the glue no longer held the pocket onto the inside of the door panel. The pocket became completely separated and fell on the ground as I was picking up a friend at the bus stop who opened the door to get in. The problem was somewhat fixed by regluing the pocket to the inside door panel however the electronic strip that operates the interior door light at the bottom of the door is inoperable. -
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