Mercedes-Benz ML320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML320 Door Storage Pockets May Become Unglued and Fall

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Door mounted storage pockets can become unglued and fall into the door.

Door pocket fell into panel.... Cannot glue so used Duct tape! It fixes everything! -
I had this problem too and I intend to glue it back together. Mine fell after I overloaded it with too many promotional fliers. -
all door panels has the problem it so bad in the rear passenger that I don't open that door. -
put a couple of screws in at the bottom and raise it up. Easy fix -
Driver's side pocket came unglued. Local mechanic repaired and no further issues. -
The pocket became unglued and when the stereo is on, it vibrates and rattles. I still have to glue it. -
I had to repair my driver's door storage pocket. -
door pocket has losened and fell into door. -
my drivers door side storage pocket became unglued and falling apart. I did it my self put some glue and some tape to hold it together. -
Pushed owner book into pocket and it let go and fell into door. Did not repair -
pocket clip or attachment piece has broken...looks bad -
driver side pocket slipped and it cost 75.00 to have it fixed. -
drivers door pocket fell down -
the pocket fell down -
My door pockets became unglued when a bottle fell off the cup holder into the pocket durring a rear fender bender. The insurnce company stated that this does not happen and it was a pre-existing problem...They would not repair. -
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