Chevrolet Astro Problem Report

Chevrolet Astro Power Door Locks Stop Working

(46 reports)

The power door locks may stop working in one or more doors due to a failed actuator. Replacement of the failed actuator should correct this concern.

Automatic door locks stop working. Have to use key on all 3 doors. Can get the front passenger door to lock/unlock with the key fob but it doesn't work on the other doors. Back door latch will not work with key or fob. -
driver side electric lock stopped working by remote but lock still works fine with key and manually -
the button to lock the doors wont sometimes work -
frount door locks do not lock with auto key. have to use key to open door. willnot lock either. -
Power locks quit working -
door locks dont work -
In my 1985 van the sliding side door is where my power lock would fail to unlock occasionally. Solution has been to manually unlock it from inside and then attempt to open. -
door locks were fine first 3 months i had my astro van...then they started going haywire up the dowwn while driving down the road...I had to remove the relay to stop i have no power locks. -
typical actuator failure -
door handle spring broke, actuator not working omn other door. -
Power locks will not unlock passenger door. Other doors are ok. Actuator inside the door? -
Door lock not working -
Same thing...actuator motor died -
Door lock switches went bad -
not fixed yet. -
Same problem with my 2002 astro. -
sometimes the doors work fine, but I always use the key to lock to be sure. -
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