Door locks stop responding to remote on Chevrolet Avalanche

Average mileage: 53,884 (20,000–90,000)
2 model years affected: 2008, 2009
15 people reported this problem
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2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 38,000 mi,
Inside door electric locks do not function. The key remote does not open or lock the doors. The truck will not lock the doors when you move the gear shift out of Park nor unlock when you put it back to Park. If you want to lock the doors they have to be done by hand. From outside the door must be unlocked by key and lower windows to unlock the doors.
First the front passenger and eventually all automatic door looks stopped responding. If you look out there, it is a known problem with the Avalanche at least for certain model years. Basically the parts inside your door wear out prematurely. I think it was an actuator or something like that but not sure. Anyway, negotiated with the dealership as I felt this was ridiculous to have door locks fail at 75K. I made a point that I had a vehicle twice it's age without any such issue and didn't view it as 'normal wear and tear'. The dealership was responsive and contacted the factory where it was produced. They agreed to cover the 1000K repair for four doors if I would pony up $100. While I didn't feel I should really have to pay anything, I felt they were trying to work with me and my money would show I was serious and willing to work with them as well. The dealership service department replaced the units in the doors and after some fiddling, they work fine now for many months. I do have an issue with the driver side lock where the plastic will pop off occasionally, but it appears that at a some point prior or during the repair part of the plastic cracked. It is a minor annoyance and happens rarely. Sharing in case it is happening to you too so we can track the defects on this truck. Overall, my vehicle is still wonderful and very happy with it.
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 40,000 mi,
The dealer wants $200 to fix per door. I am not spending that kind of money for keyless entry. The truck door locks worked fine until last year when suddenly the drivers door stopped responding to keyless remote. Then the drivers side backdoor also stopped working.
2009 Chevrolet Avalanche 72,000 mi,
The driver's side door does not always respond to the remote, while all of the other doors do.
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 20,000 mi,
door locks does not work
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 55,000 mi,
The driver door lock stopped working around 55000 miles and then both rear doors stopped working before I reached 70000 miles. This is my second Avalanche. I had no issues with my 2003 model year and I drove it over 140,000 miles before I sold it.
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 50,000 mi,
Driver door lock stopped working under factory warranty and dealer replaced. Now out of factory warranty and the other 3 door locks not working.
My front drivers and passenger door lock solenoids(actuators)both went to hell while under the original btb warranty so repairs were covered. Rear drivers side quit at roughly 45000. All seemed to have failed due to water damage. My rear door stays locked most of the time now but I can live with that and keep my $200.00!
Problem is not fixed yet. Dealer estimates repair $ 890.00 + tax.
The truck just locked me out. It doesn't respond to the remote or the key in the door lock itself.
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 77,500 mi,
I notified the dealership of this issue, and they have scheduled to have it fixed.
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 25,000 mi,
have tried replacing all fuses which seems to have made it worse. Still trolling the forums for solution
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 48,000 mi,
Driver side door lock actuator stopped responding to remote key fob and or button on door panel. Only way to unlock door was with key or manually. Dealer replaced under warranty. After warranty expired, both back doors and front passenger door stopped working.