Changed crank, coolant temperature and ignition sensor. New spark plugs, wireset, coil pack and battery. Alternator, fuel and starter tested good. Car cranks but won't start and no spark. Can someone help me?

When you accelerate it surges at takeoff or over 45mph. Any acceleration.

it also sat for 4wks.

When giving gas it pings sometime

It was running fine, left it overnight and didn't start. Changed the 20 amp start/fuel fuse and started. I replaced the 20 amp hazards and 20 amp ABS and 20 amp Seatbelts and now it won't start. Windows work but no radio and no crank.

'06 Stratus will "ding" sound once and reset trip meter while driving. This happens pretty intermittently and can't recreate it on-demand. What sorts of things can I check? Connection to battery is good.

Car still getting fire but won't crank . Tried replacing starter didn't help now what do I do cause all fuses and relays are good.

v6 2.7 upper water oitlet