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The check engine light came on and P2433 is the code that came up.
Everything else works but car won't start not even a click from starter Tried changing ignition switch still nothing still the same
Should i return the part? Maybe faulty? It comes and goes but i need to pass emissions. The light goes off but comes back on as soon as it starts rough.
had co and plugs changed.. lite still comes on when cold and have ruff idle even when warm notice alittle dark spot on coil near plug #4 wondered maybe thats it and sometimes it,the lite will go off on restart when...
I have flushed coolant system. Changed thermostat. Doesn't overheat. Has rust in system somewhere, but water flows freely through all hoses.
When I first Start the Car,the Fan Usually Works,...until the engine gets "hot" ,then it either fails,or if I turn Off the Heater,the Fan STOPS working altogether........I tried replacing the Motor Resister,and that d...