the problem occurs sometimes

I was driving to Walmart when I approached a light that turned green. My lowest speed was about 25 I tried to go more than 30 but the RPM'S was was in the 5-6 range and my car wasn't going more than 30 and was slowing down I pulled over to where I can stop. Shut off the car completely for about a minute. Started it but up and it worked fine the rest of the day

Replaced valve cover gasket and this hose broke. It's a 2.4 liter dohc engine.

This has happened now to me 3 times. First time local mechanic reset the computer and worked fine for 2 days than came on again and than cleared itself. Last time wife was driving it down the road and it down sifted on it's own and about red lined the engine. A few minutes later it started shifting like normal again but check engine light is still on. Any ideas?

The car wont crank. Ill turn the key n the fuse pops ive replaced the ignition switch so theres the starter motor n fuel pump left.

Have to take off slow and gradually increase speed before shifting

How do i fix the problem? I've heard that it's the flapper control under the dash on the drivers side being stuck open

with a jump pack the lights turn on everything else turns on except for the car it will not crank over with the jump pack disconnected the lights go out when in neutral and being pushed the lights will turn back on but still car will not crank over once in shop I tested the battery it has almost 13 volts 12.72 to be exact but still car will not turn over

What are the steps to diagnose the problem of cruise control on a 2005 Dodge Stratus

do i have to drop gas tank or accessible from removing rear seat cushion