how do i change the water pump

What type of engine oil do I put into a Dodge 2003 Dodge Stratus?

How do you change the battery?

my heater is blowing cold air

October 15, 2010 on the 60 Fwy my car stopped during driving.

where it is located?

Every two or three days have to add water get s low have to added more water. Could this be water pump, heating coil, or heads bad ? Have already change theromstat.

how do you remove a spark plug on a 2003 dodge stratus, 5/8 deep socket wont fit its like it too far down for the socket to grab. special socket? help please

Diagnostic codes p0134 and p0154. I would like to know the locations of bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1.

i recieved a diagnostic code from autozone it stated i need a engine coolant sensor, check coolant level, or defected thermostat i checked the coolant level it was fine and i had the thermostat replaced so there's noting left but the sensor where does it go

Service engine light is on. The code reader numbers that come up are PO156 & PO455, don't know what needs done to fix it. The light didnt come on until the oil & filter was changed.

I have a rough idle problem in my car and i suspect the EGR valve. I am not able to locate it. Can someone help me find this.
Thank You

I have added some new fuel and some fuel injector cleaning additive. Vehicle will crank but does not fire.

My 2003 dodge stratus car alarm has gone off 5 times in the last day. I only have a key to it, not the keyless entry. I've tried starting the car and it won't stop. It goes off for about 5 minutes and stops. Can some1 please help me?

The a/c will not work on the lower setting (1&2)only on high. It cools really well sometimes it gets too cold because I have to have it on high which is ok for mid-afternoon when it is 90 degrees.