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i had it hooked up to a OBD2 reader and it gave me 1391 code but the autoparts store had no idea what it meant. the car is jerking and keeps stalling when warm.
Ongoing problem with electrical. Getting trouble code P0622 Generator Field "F" Control Circuit Malfunction...... Replaced Battery,Alternator,ECM, and Belt, Reset Codes, checked all wiring and connections,...
I have a broken passenger window and am not quite sure how to get started installing the replacement window
dont have the manual
a/c cools good when it is running about 46 air temp then it stops cooling turn it off and on to get it back working
2003 Dodge Stratus SE, 4 cyl. 114000 miles.
when my car get down to 1/4 tank of gas it stalls. It will start right back up but it is very dangerous when you on the road. I have been told to do so many different things to it. I asked a mechanic about it today an...
How do I change the window motor on the driver side
how serious is a purge flow
I recently had my water pump and timing belt replaced, and now I am hearing a loud whistling noise coming from under the hood
I was driving along, when I came down hard on a hump. At first there were no signs of a problem. Then as I approached my house, I heard a funny noise. All of a sudden the car started to slow down, and then it came to ...
I just got a 2003 dodge stratus and I keep getting a p0106 engine code it won't turn over I know its supposed to be a MAP Sensor so what should i do try to do it myself or take it to a mechanic