Here's the deal...I have had the battery and alternator checked and both are fine. The problem is as I'm driving sometimes the car loses power as if the battery is being drained. The dash lights flicker, the radio goes off, and if the air is on, it doesn't blow as hard. If you turn the car off at that point, it will not start back. After jumping car off it's fine again until this happens again. If you continue to drive it eventually the dash lights go out, the radio comes back on and the air blows at full strength. Also, after turning engine off, it will crank up as if nothing is wrong. It's driving me crazy....HELP please!!!

turn signal, a/c, radio, windshield wipers will not work when the engine on but will work if the engine is off and only the key is turned

I have replaced three Coils, two can sensors, boots,the grounding strap trying to solve this issue, works great for a month it so then it does it again. Everytime this happens is a day or two after filling up the gas tank, trying to replace the pcm relay but no one including the chiltons can tell me which one of the three identical relays is the one for the PCm. The obdII previous codes were misfire on cylinder five even tho it only has four cylinders, and a random misfire. But this time Its not coming up with any codes....

It doesn't do it when it when it's idled, but tends to get worse the more I drive it. I'm thinking the front shocks and such are going out.

-Coolant level is fine, flushed out heater core diretly, installed new thermostat still no change?
-Both the mode and Blend air switches are manual(cable)and everything from the outside looks and sounds good. How do I get out the large box that houses the mode and blend doors to see whats going on inside? Are their any online manuals that could help me?

What would be causing the problem to happen

I took it to shop and they don't normally work on ac..they said u had to take the motor out, but I can't see having to do that. Can anyone tell me how to fix myself. My drivers side floorboard fills with water.

The throttle position sensor is located on the throttle housing. Its got four wires on it in one connector and two bolts holding it in place. It can't just be "put on" it has to be adjusted.

I have a 2003 Dodge Stratus and for a whole year i had to have the cam sensor that is located on the top/side of the engine replaced 5 times from the dealership, however the last time they fixed it they kept my car for over a week and i picked it up on a friday and it worked great however on saturday the cars check engine lights cam on and car started to get sluggish again i know it is the cam sensor, what the crap can be causing it to keep failing?

It just occured about a week ago!

car is misfiring and seems like it wants to turn off

Car will not start now at all. Got a new battery and that didn't help

i had it hooked up to a OBD2 reader and it gave me 1391 code but the autoparts store had no idea what it meant. the car is jerking and keeps stalling when warm.

Ongoing problem with electrical.
Getting trouble code P0622 Generator Field

"F" Control Circuit Malfunction......
Battery,Alternator,ECM, and Belt, Reset Codes,

checked all wiring and connections, Still

getting P0622 Code.
Before new alternator the lights had a constant

"flicker" with Popping sound coming from the

radio speakers, that has since stopped but

now I get the trouble code and occassionally it

wont start with "dead" battery symptoms,

unplug/replug battery and it starts like there

was never a problem. Also, the P0622 code will

not erase with scanner tool or battery

unplug.... Any ideas?