I occasionally get cool air through ac vents. My airbag light is on and horn not currently working. I have freon and all the usual things have been checked. Seems to work sometimes in the a.m., but then blows hot air the rest of the day. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Happens after rain, heavy downpour. Took off panel and put some goop under rubber molding...still drips on seat....

Looking for scec digram

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I've searched the internet to no avail and called local part stores, the more I research it, the more different answers I get and still can't find it.

I was told that the oil pan is leaking oil, but would that really make a difference and blow an oil smell in my car?

I had my struts. Axle, and wheel balance but that didnt fix the issue. The noise still occur when im driving at high speed. Struts and axle been replaced. What could be the problem?

Where is the ads relay on these cars.any ideals

I have had nothing but problems since this occurred, also my radio quit working and my ac started flashing...