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I've replaced the resistor twice in the last 30 days. It happens quits working in just over a week. It works fine until I switch the fan off.
I recently paid someone $765 to fix my dodge stratus and I got it back the very next day I smelled like a burning rubber and I popped the hood and seen flames shooting out and there was a thick white tape looking wire...
It just started and I don't want to mess us transmission
Tried using defrost....heat noted short period of time going to work, took almost 1/2 hr to feel any heat.. Tried heat coming home, nothing but cold air now. Defrost isn't working, concerned. I have had no problems wi...
While driving my car started losing all of the power inside (lights, radio, clock, windows, etc) and when I would stop the engine would die. Also the engine would never shift while driving. Could that have something t...
I checked the breaks in they were good I don't known what it is
It leaks as soon as i pour coolant straight into the engine, i did hear some knocking noise like something fell off and now it wont start?