Don't know why it was running good last night,no check engine light,but it will not do anything

Replaced the battery, spark plugs, and fuses- still no crank or turn over. Attempted to link with 3 separate diagnostic scanners- 2 were owner by separate mechanics, one I bought myself- same thing on all 3- won't link up.

I've no idea, I've talked to a few mechanics & they all gave me different answers. Please help

Mechanic said car is shifting good and transmission fluid is bright red. What can I do to maintain the car

no powertothe small starter wire

Recently replaced the water pump no leak only behind the the power steering hose oil and radiator fluid is fine

It has so little room to get to it from the top or the bottom that I cant even touch the bolts I want to work with! Looks like I need to take off the intake manifold. Doesn't look like taking the windshield wipers off is much help! Do I need to take off the intake manifold?

is there a spring or lever on the brake light switch that maybe got bent when my brakes got bled after a front brake replacement. Just had someone replace the brake light switch a few weeks ago.

Changed the fuel pump and fuel filter also changed the battery and checked the fuses when you spray starting fluid in the trottle botty air intake and it will start until it runs out please help

I've replaced the resistor twice in the last 30 days. It happens quits working in just over a week. It works fine until I switch the fan off.

I recently paid someone $765 to fix my dodge stratus and I got it back the very next day I smelled like a burning rubber and I popped the hood and seen flames shooting out and there was a thick white tape looking wire exposed any advice to what is wrong?