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i changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. it has the same issue. what could it be our what could i have missed?
the car just died driving to work it was low on oil but after it died i added oil and changed the coil, plugs, wires crank shaft sensor and the car cranks theres just no spark also checked fuses all good what do i do ...
Is this something I can fix myself to avoid expensive shop fees? Where would I look for solution & directions??
Need to replace the sensor, but don't know where it is.
Originally I pulled a spark plug wire to see which cylinder isn't firing while the car was running.It started missing worse when I pulled 1. 3 are firing, but 1 isn't. I have replaced wires,and plugs. Runs, sounds ...
When I depress the gas, the car bogs down. I have to let up gradually on the gas and it will start to run right. I have to do this repeatedly to pick up speed. When going up an incline, the car slows continuously so...
moter come to screech sound sounding like bearings then kills moter and and anti-freeze pours out on the ground
My daughter's car has been making a rattling/whirring noise while it idles and upon quick deceleration. It has been doing it off and on, but frequency seems to be increasing.