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I have 2 of these. Both are converted to box trucks and both of them have massive battery drain with the switch off. Cutting the switch off will stop the engine and turn off the radio but everything else keeps going a...
ffler that's gone bad, it will not go faster than 70mph, what wrong is their a major problem
Removed battery, cleared code, replaced battery, will not shift out of park. Over-ride shift and will go in reverse or low gear but will not shift manually or otherwise. Can only drive 20-25 mph.
ESM- electronic shifter module replacement. Can I replace the part myself? What is the cost of the part?
Oil filter cap removal. Does the arrow indicate tightning or to loosen??
I need to know if i can just put new pads on with out changing the rotors or opening the bleed screws? Were is the glow plug relay?
what is the location of the trans module
to signal other drivers at night it is usefull to be able to turn the headlights off momentarily, and gate guards appreciate the courtesy when driving onto a military facility. I thought the easiest way would be a dim...