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Just looking for the obd tester plug

I have power but it wont crank over. Started fine last time then parked it for a day now nothing. Is it the starter or some relay?

the oil leaks

my car year doesnt even show, it is a 1988 dodge aries k 4cyl. 2.5 low beams does not work BUT high do, check fuses all good, anyone can advice me plz.? I HAVE TO CHECK THE ABOVE BUT JUST TO GET HERE

my car will start fine but dies as it idles down after starting unless i feather the heck out of the throttle to keep the idle high but still wants to die. as soon as i take my foot off the throttle it does die. so far i have changed the fuel pump and sock, fuel filter, timing belt, idle air control motor, idle position sensor, EGR valve, checked all vacum lines, and removed and cleaned the throttle body. what else is there ? it starts fine every time but dies. It shows no codes other than 12 and 55 witch is normal. some one out there give me some help PLEASE

the car will start fine but will not idle. it dies after stating up unless i feather the heck out of the throttle. the fuel pump and sock, fuel filter, timing belt, idle air control motor and idle postion sensor have been changed. it shows codes 12 and 55 only. HELP

car starts every time but stalls unless i play with the throttle by moving it up and down very fast

my 1990 dodge spirit will start fine time after time but will not run or idle, it stalls after starting. I have chaged the fuel filter , fuel pump and fuel pump filter[sock]

(its really a dodge dynasty but i dont see it available on here) car will turn over but wont acts as though it wants to start but i dont think its getting any gas, one guy said it may be the fuel filter and another said fuel it possible to check if its the fuel pump before replacing it? help me please

Engine sometimes runs rough when slowly accelerating, especially going up a slight incline; sometimes will start running rough while traveling along the road and usually within a minute or two will have very little power and stall. When this happens it will run very rough for a few seconds when trying to restart. After it cools down, it will start again and run fine for awhile.

Not sure how to get into it to get the old bulb out and replace it

actually have an 87 dodge colt that failed smog due to "ignition timing" is that an easy fix? What is it, how do you fix it?