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this vehicle needs a lot of work, I would like to get it running first. Thank you.
I drive my car long distances about 100+ when I noticed the noise. I took my car to the shop and they told me it was the blow out bearing. so they replaced that and got a new clutch kit. --------------------------...
Brakes out, had to push down pedal to the floor to stop.
Out of the blue my Dodge Shadow, which only has 22,000 original miles won't go into any gear.The fluid is full, clean-not burnt, and no leaks.The engine runs but won't engage,
While driving I noticed the car started to lag on take off, so I came home and checked the transmission fluid, and it looks foamy. Should I change everything and drive it, then change it again? Thank you
I was trying to start my car after a day of driving. it started for a second and then just went off. when i turn the key on i can hear a humming noise for approx 15-25 seconds but after that the engin turns over but f...