1994 Dodge Ram Van B350 Questions

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Have also replaced spark plug wires. I'm tired of replacing random parts guys tell me to buy. No "check engine" light. What now?

New fuel pump, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and relay switch - getting good crank when starting - when it stops running it doesn't always start up right away

How do i fix it?

I had codes 34-53-34-75-5 I had a spare ECU and changed it ,took test drive about 20 miles everything was fine the next day same codes but when I pulled it into the garage the check engine light went out and it started to run better???? I know it is an intermittent problem and I know I should not get code 75 or just a 5 any suggestions on what is loose or broken ????

loud noise when you accelerate in rear axle no noise when you let off the accelerater

the whole tumbler system came out now i can't get it to stay in,sometimes i can get it to turn on & off but it's usually the old screwdriver trick.what do i do now?

I have removed the top bolt from the starter. I also removed the bottom nut that holds on the transmission lines. After removing both the top bolt and the bottom nutt I still cant break the starter free from the Flywheel housing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The engine will start. I suspect a cotter pin or bolt has come out disconnecting the system. I would like ideas how to repair plus a schematic of the shift system


I wrote a question a while back about a clicking noise from my rear passenger tire. I have had the back brakes inspected, new brake adjusters installed, tires looked over and still I have a clicking sound with every rotation of the tire. Do you think it could be the CV boot or axle? Please let me know the costs for repairs.

Thanks, Shawn