The brake release parking brake cable is stuck, I have been unable to fix it, I am planning to remove and install all brake system in my dodge B 250 Ram. I would like to know is someone know how to repair the brake release mechanism? Adrian

The engine won't turn over. I have replaced starter, alternator,fuses,battery,battery cables and nothing.

An indicator light below the fuel gage goes on when I come to a stop. What does it mean?

Van has done only 15000miles.

how to replace repair install water pump on dodge ram van 250 1992 please help cannot afford mechanic right not to fix van tks

replacing the pump

my van will not start after I have driven a long distance like its vapor lock or something. it also will stall after I first start it example I went for a drive about 70 miles shut it off got back in after awhile it started got to the mall shut it off came back out it started then died and would not re-start even when I dumped gas down the air cleaner snorkle whats wrong with it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acts like it wants to die, goes away after about 10 minutes and runs better. What could this bee? Have already changed plugs and wires.

the speedometer dose not work and when it dose this the check engine light comes on after a few miles, the transmission also dose not seem to shift correctly when this happens. This problem dose not happen all the time, but when it dose the only thing to do is to shut the engine off and hope that when it is started again the problem stops, this works sometimes but not always.

when 32 degrees or colder I hear a clicking (drivers side)clicks
till check engine light comes on before in-gauging the starter then tries to start but don't if I hold my foot down on the gas pedal it my run for about 5 seconds try it again then engine light flashes 5 times.