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when I looked on the forums they talk about posibly needing an adapter chord,to convert the amount of pins for a scan tool..i,m confussed.a little help please..Pete
Yesterday the engine started to rev-up when put in any gear, like your power braking a little. If you take your foot off the brake, it accelerates to 5 mph on its own rapidly, then lets up. While stopped, if you put i...
can't stay running.the foot break pressed down while changing gears. most days will stall.
I drove it like this for about 100 miles and then the check engine light came on ... what could be the problem?
my work van's heater & a/c only blows air with the fan on high. i bought a new blower motor resistor, i hope will fix the problem. so how do i change it? do i get to it under the hood or remove the center console?