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while driving at steady speed with ac on and all things working as they should. suddenly the defroster comes on still blowing cold, a couple of minutes later the floor vents open still blowing cold, a couple of minute...
I have looked through the owners manual and can't find it anywhere. However I can search for the part and find it but no diagram anywhere on the web showing where it is located.
Also.....9/10 times, I have to wait for gauges to come on for engine to start. If not, I have to disconnect and reconnect the wire bundle coming from the neg. side of battery.. ECM?
Everything new. Now my heater don't work. The dials all work, no matter what I set it on it blows cold air. Flushed radiator. Compressor stays on all the time unless I turn everything off.
all air coming from defroster
if turn off it does the clicking again. i cleaned the terminals and the code light lit up i believe 19 times.
I found out the sylinoid is in the starter. What should I do?
When I start the Van it will not shift gears. This just started 4 days ago.revruse nut. drive is nut.drive 1 & 2 is nut.
Once van reaches normal operating temperature, while driving, all gauges go to far left (no power) and engine stops running. No error codes indicated, van will start once completely cool. I suspect something centr...
Brake lights, blinkers, and headlamps work fine, the rear running lights do not come on when the switch is pulled. The dome lights work and dim as well. The after inspecting the filaments the bulbs and fuses seem to b...
my alternator went suddenly sqealing and grinding,i changed it now it wont fire.i checked my fuses and their good.this happened at the same time,guessing the bad alternator caused it but dont know what to check.
Alternator tested good, but still not charging the battery.