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When I have the engine on running you can smell antifreeze from the engine..but there is no sign of leaks at any possible place visible. But the overflow coolant tank gets low by about a inch or so every couple of we...
When replacing the seals alongside the ring carrier bearings I ran into a soft RTV type next to the seals and cannot find them in the parts book yet they look like factory made seals. Do I leave them out or add RTV f...
on my husbands 2002 dodge 1 ton diesel the engine turns over several severl times before the truck will start, but it always starts. We found on the internet how to re-calibrate the tps/apps and tried that, it helped ...
is there a way to bleed the clutch slave cylinder, it does not have a bleeder valve. It will not shift into first gear after it has already been replaced unless it is started in that gear
my air will not blow out hard flaps will not open
my cruise control is going crazy. it speeds up to 90 and then when it is set at 70 it starts to drop itself down to 50 and then back up to 70. what is wrong with it?
problem is that in gear at stoped with clutch pedle depressed it will want to crawl or not release to shift is it somethig to do with the hydrolic part.