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I replaced my engine and cant seem to find my crankshaft connector if u have a link to where i can look would be a lot of help thank you
It started shifting back and forth in between 3rd and 4th when around 50. Now it will not shift out of 1st. Tranny filter or Solenoid ????
When trying to shift the transmission into 5th or reverse its like they arnt there and i have to fish for them until i find them.
od only all other shifts good
when cold pedal goes flat 2000rpm max belows black smoke put in nuetral rev engine goes away code given is p0216 misfire and fuel when warm runs great has a banks turbo system
Started yeaterday with full load of cattle on I-64 on North Mth outside Staunton,VA. Had in cruise. Started gaining speed. Had slipped to neutral but was still engaged. Stopped, put in low range,. put back in high, di...
and swithes seem to function properly, defrost, floor, etc. Just cold air. Job was lengthy but did go fairly smooth. Did have to evacuate ac lines to get air box in far enough to remove and replace core. Like I said ...
need to know how to hook up lights on my truck
need to know how hot it should run at
I changed the o2 sensors but i don't know how to reset the light
Had problem with batteries going dead.isolated IOD as problem. Need to find out exactly which item is causing problem. Think its the interior dome but don't know how to find out. How do you go about finding out exactl...
When I accelerate in drive or overdrive, there is a hard vibration. This doesn't happen in 1st or 2nd at all. Happens every time and worse when towing and/or going uphill.
changed injection pump, turbo, map sensor, run valves, check timing. still has no power and no smoke and no Codes are given
The check engine light is on and the code check called up engine too lean and o2 sensor. o2 sensor replaced and light reset, came back on and code states engine too lean. How to check vacuum hoses/lines?