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My truck was idling and died, I hopped in it and absolutely no power anywhere and drained the batteries, I tried to get jumped and it killed the vehicle that was jumping me, so I changed out the alternator and blew th...
Not often it happens usually after a few minutes of taking off driving
Ran the "KEY TEST" P-1693 and P-1765 codes indicated. What to replace first?
I checked the fuse box under the dash & under the hood could not find it. Could it be a breaker or relay. problem. Neither mirror works.
I had to hit the fuel tank for the last month while turning the key. This was not consistant, just on ocasion. This is hard to do by yourself. Now it will not start at all, it does turn over.
Engine idle high
how much vacum should the pump hold
I have a check engine light , and the computer reads a bad cam sensor but I have no idea where it is located
what are the signs when a fuel pump go out
Where specifically do I locate the fuel pump relay so I can check the power to my fuel pump?