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Is there break switch. where is switch located
Sometime I can turn it off for a while then it will blow again for a little while.
Doesn't seem to go into over drive either it is a 1998 diesel with auto trans. Someone said it could be TPS sensor
When light comes on, belts lock as if brakes are applied. They will not unlock unless the passenger side door is opened Then closed. The light then goes out, and the seat belts work properly. After a short period o...
it does it constantly but never comes back to the same level
was replaced locks up once in morning random lock up problem replaced master cyl.nothing helps brake pedal no free play
Air will not come out of the dash or the floor only the defrost area. It does not matter if it is cool or hot it will only come out of the defrost area.
have a a problem with the truck not charging and when it stops charging the speedo also stops
the dash lights and gauges quit working. tried replacing fuses but that was not the problem.
truck stalls when coming to a stop. starts right back up but stalls again when put into drive. suspect crankcase sensor
Where is the fuel filter located in my dodge?
camshaft crankshaft sensor