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also seems to be slipping … it just doesn't have any pep to it at take off….
Has new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, catalytic converter. Has good fuel press. So far no DTCs are listed. Z eng. code
no power injection pump or Fuel Pump
One of our friends said it could be a loose bolt and u could tighten it and put a little weld on it and it would straighten it out. Afraid to try without some advice. I know it is geared really low to pull heavy lds...
After sitting for a few days the truck won't shift out of second gear, I was informed by Johnny Mopar that it was possible a defective power train control module. Can it be adjusted enough to get it to a dealer?
what kind of oil do i use
after sitting for a few days, the tachometer does not work , it wont shift out of second,and the battery does not charge. I have checked all the fuses
I have fuel spurting out when the engine is running. The pump was replaced last year as well as the fuel lines. Could be coming from the fuel filter separator? I have recently moved and the roads to the house are pret...
I have a rattle in the left front wheel. It sounds like something is rattling around inside the hub. I took the tire off and when I turn the wheel it sounds like there is something loose inside rolling around. When yo...
The trans will not shift from 1st to 2nd unless your at 2000rpm and let up on the pedal..then it shifts great..
ABS and BRAKE LIGHT STAYS ON. Where is the relay and or sensor? I read somewhere it was over the pumkin but I do not see it.
how much to change all 6 injectors and govenor springs just labor on a 96 dodge 3500 diesel
It cranks and sometimes tries to start. Sometimes really rough then dies. It has been sitting for about a month and I started it a couple days ago and let it idle. Did the same yesterday. Today, it won't start. Lif...
My truck lost 5th gear today on the freeway. I use it to tow a 30 ft car trailer alot for my dragster and Im gonna need it fixed. I live in las vegas. do you know any respectable 4wd mechanics.
Need to replace my summer tires (215-85R16 E). A friend has given me a set of brand new 225-75R16 E. Will they fit my existing rims?