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My 94 3500 Cummings turbo diesel will crank but not start unless you press the accelerator
There is no voltage at the coil or distibutor. No spark anywhere.
when my truck is ideling down the road it surg's and bucks but if i give it gas it stops as soon as i let off here it gos again
what is the name of that plug above the neutral switch
Bought about 3mo ago.would shift into overdrive immediately after 4gear.Now its downshifts on its on.Pulls great but haven't put a load on it yet.No dash codes and my diagnostic scanner only for 96 and newer.I'm guess...
Truck is a 4X4 with low mileage. New wheel cylinders, shoes and springs, etc. I noticed passenger side dragging and have to remove drum and maually loosen star adjuster once a week or so. Shoes in good shape. Noticed ...
My trucks transmission has a few issues,3rd gear has been gone for awhile when you try to shift to 3rd gear it just grinds so now I'm having the same issue with 2nd,4th what could this problem be I was told its the fo...
i'm looking for a egr valve vacuum selenoid. everybody wants to sell me the valve and selenoid together. the valve works fine. can i get just the selenoid?
going down rpode gage will drop then at idle rise not my truck i am a big ri machanic but not much time with thesr small motors here no disturbing noisie when gage drops hes chekrd sump csreen was clean i sugested oi...
Every time i can go down the road it dose good for a few minuts an my injector pump starts ticking in the governor housing and my gas gets stuck an it loses power an it dies
When I go 45-50 the truck has a sort of bounce to it like really rough road why?
The motor runs good till you start to take off frome a stop then it starts missing bad.