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Stolen, need a new one
I had my 2007 Dodge diesel truck in the shop, the transmission was rebuilt at a cost of 6500. one week later I get a check enginee light with the code P1740. I return the truck to the shop and the tell me I need to ...
have a 07 dodge ram 2500 with the 5.9 cummins. I've had this truck for two years now and installed a smarty Jr. Progragramer on it shortly after I got it. It has been an awesome truck in till now. First my engine cool...
Are Prostart, ToughOne, and Gold Duralast standard brands? What is recommended?
Turned off engine now the truck won't start back up it crankes but won't start does anyone know what could cause this
I recently had my tranny fixed and after it was fixed I drove 1100kms and my engine light went on which pointed to the governor or solenoid so I took it back in and the replaced the governor I go on another trip 2 wee...
Truck ran fine. Changed oil, air and fuel filters, would not start. No codes shown, checked lift pump and it had no voltage to it from TIPM. What tells ECM to send power to TIPM? Is there something that needs to b...
customer changed oil and fuel filters, now truck won't start and has no power to lift pump. Where does ecm get power to send to fuel pump control, and is it five volts or twelve.
Checked fuses they are good. Wondering about the clutch or compressor. Anyone tell me how to check them
I think my universal joint or joints are broken in the front. Its a 4 wheel drive. TRUCK MAKES CLACKIN NOISE ON TURNS. I would like to fix myself if possible. WANT TO KNOW FIRST WHAT IM LOOKIN AT.
What will it cost to replace both my U Joints?
The truck doesnt start or make any sound when the key is rotated to the start position and the transmission is in park. Some times it starts normally.
should there be any play up and down with spindle off
No problems exist. Just want to keep regular maintenance up on this vehicle