I replaced a belt 2 weeks ago. today it broke again. I can replace it but I want to know why its breaking.

I have 120000 miles on my diesel truck and had to replace the water pump this year. Then 6 months later it went out again. Now after only 2 months its going out again.why? I used a part from oReilys and I am getting suck of going through this. What could it be?

the OBDII test sys not ready. I drove the truck approx. 150 miles.why does it still say not ready?

This warning light came on my truck that looks like a lightening bolt in between two this... ) (. I have never in my life seen this before what does it mean and what do I do to fix it?

My truck it's been running with no problems except for some gears slipping so I took it to get the transmission rebuild when they put the transmission back my engine started to act up loosing power and shaking

I've been having my diesel truck now for 3 years now and two days ago it started to overheat I was wondering what can it be!?

I've been having my truck for three years now and two days ago it started to overheat I was wondering why? What can it most likely be?

After changing the camshaft sensor the check engine light is still on and it will still miss badly.What causes this?

Hear a clicking under hood that is very loud and stops after 1 minute or so. Checked diagnostics, no codes .what do I do?

Found code PO522, oil pressure sensor. Cranks great but will not fire. Gave it a small shot of ether. Nothing. Does that sensor act as a safety?

And when it acts up like that is don't have no power

Had the injectors reconditioned "to STOCK Specs" at 192588 miles. The mpg dropped from 22.5 to 14 mpg, and the horse power dropped about 15% so i tried a power chip.

i tuned motor to performance with edge EvoHT and my mpg and hp increased back to what she use to be. in fact the hp increased well over what it use to do before the injector reconditioning. About 3000 miles later this vibration started every time i was backing up and stopped as soon as i put in drive. [ my guess, the vibes are a isolated issued ] Then 3 months after vibrations started the "acceleration in Drv or Revs" issue kicked all at once.
codes 0602 and undocumented code 0483 come up.
I tuned the motor back to stock and the acceleration issue still exist. Hoping this is just a TC sensor issue.