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My wipers stopped working. Then about 2 weeks later worked for about a week or so then as I was driving (in the rain) they slowed way down went a few more swipes then died again. could turn switch back on/off again....
MY 02 dodge has over 225,000 miles on it it's by far the best truck I've ever owned the only complaint I really have is the oil vent tube. I have extended it down farther so its easer to clean the bottle but it sti...
When starting my vehicle and placing it into gear, it does not shift smoothly into either fwd or rev. It delays for 10+ seconds and then shifts hard into gear. What could cause this?
When truck is are you doing or even driving it seems to load up and has no power so if I turn the key off and turn it back on quickly and rev up the rpm it blows white/blue smoke then runs fine for a few miles then ke...
Has the bank system. On freeway vechicle drives well but on mountain roads it bucks and slows vehicle even with O/D off when trying to cruise between 35 - 50.
Took to dealership and they could not find problem and just recharged the air conditioning.
It will start, but it certainly doesn't want to. Most noticeable after it hasn't been driven in a while. I'm not getting any codes, and the MIL is off as well.
I have changed my injector pump for a rebuilt one and installed a raptor lift pump also, at the same time. Truck no longer has symptoms it had before and is more responsive etc. but still getting code 0216.