how much to take to a dealer to replace?

Replaced ignition switch didn't help

I am changing my transmission fluid for the first time and need to know how and how much fluid I need?

shoots codes p0252, p0251,and p1688

And when it die s it won't start for a while I changed ecm , PCM , crank shaft sensor !

Oil pressure sometime shows good and sometimes none drove it about 5 miles had no overheating problems would it be pressure sending unit or pressure regulator spring

It's starts off fine but as soon as I get on the freeway and get to 70 mph it begins to Rev very high and sticks at 3 RPMS..sometimes if I let off the gas it will shift but not always eventually it will shift gears and the rpms will drop to normal..I replaced the shift solenoid and the governor pressure solenoid ..but no change still review high
Is my professor G out there anywhere.

When I started the truck start Norma engine runs but when I try to reverse or drive truck don't move I checked all the connections but everything looks normal or on right position

1999 Dodge Ram 2500 with i6 5.9L Diesel 24 valve engine. Have replaced the ip and filter. No error codes. Power ok without a light load (i.e., 4000 lb camper trailer). Any ideas?

Cleaned the battery post and replaced the connecters as well as checked the grounds on the batteries. Still just clicks. Also tested the starter it is good

Lost all gears except 1st and rev. Attempts to move when in drive but will only move if gear lever is shifted to 1 position. Wondering what the issue could be?

Check engine light is on giving a P0222 code, replaced throttle position sensor, lift pump, and fuel filter, light is still on and giving a P0222. What else could the problem be with this code? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

light is also out on passenger vanity mirror.

I have a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins Diesel, 207K. It just started giving me issues with the transmission. From starting the truck, and going on my way the engine doesn't shift out of first until either it gets over 2000 rpms or not at all. But once it makes that shift out, then the entire time it's fine. No other issues. Until I turn off the truck and start it up again. My mechanic isn't available at this time and of course it had to happen on a Friday afternoon. Anyone have an idea of what the issue is and what it will take to fix?