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Lost all gears except 1st and rev. Attempts to move when in drive but will only move if gear lever is shifted to 1 position. Wondering what the issue could be?
Check engine light is on giving a P0222 code, replaced throttle position sensor, lift pump, and fuel filter, light is still on and giving a P0222. What else could the problem be with this code? Any advise would be gre...
I have a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins Diesel, 207K. It just started giving me issues with the transmission. From starting the truck, and going on my way the engine doesn't shift out of first until either it gets o...
I've bled them off x2 which helps for about 100 miles but gradually returns to soft pedal, poor stopping, and slow return to top position. No leaks noted and reservois remains full. ? a problem with vacuum pump/power ...
Have fuel injected has fuel to rail battery charger with quick start on motor plugged in not frozen fuel pump replaced could it be the emo or something else running out of ideas and fuses are all good ?
the filters have been changed fuel & air
Won't to into gear slipping and seems to have no pressure in trans area