Only when lightly excelerating u can get it to stop sometimes if u mash excelerater hard or once it gets up to speed it will stop what would fix this

what would be the size yoke for the axles and axle sizes

what would the ratio for the mix be

It's pretty warm out and I had the ac on pretty low.
Truck came to a stop as I was exiting the freeway
Now it won't turn over. Sounds good, but just takes too long. Not sure what it could be any thoughts would be appreciated!

Parking Brake Cable Undone at Foot Assembly

I replaced spark plugs & wires ,dis cap,rot button,coil,and oxygen sensor still backfires and misses but not all the time any suggestions

i changed all sensors throttle body 02 sensors and crank ,and instaled plenum and intake gaskets ,does not have vacuum leaks

I have replaced both sensors, (1 on trans. & 1 on rear axle. I tried a different Instrument cluster. I even replaced the ignition. It still doesn't work. I do not see a sensor on the left front wheel. This is a 2wd. I am lost. Can anyone tell me where to look next?

Now speedometer wont wont work

I live in a remote area and cannot always make it to a garage for regular servicing i.e.; oil, filter, lubrication.
I purchased a lube gun, but would like to know where each lubrication point is on the chassis and/or elsewhere.

When I got in my truck to go to work this morning I let off the e brake and pedal went to the floor and brake light and abs light came on any ideas cruise and speedometer still work I have brakes but have to push to floor