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Is it cheaper to have a mechanic order one and install it, or to have it rebuilt from scratch? On my van, a mechanic has told me that the cost of one that he has ordered--with labor--will cost me a total of 3,350.00 t...
tan cloth is what I currently have. Material failing
I have replaced the ujoints ball joints. pulls to the right
Truck starts fine and runs great until its been running for a whils and engine gets good and warmed up then the vehicle will stall and cut off and will not start back until the vehicle is cooled back off... Truck does...
replaced dash switch 3 times helps for 1 year.Now the dash lites and driving lites are not working. Head lights and brake are working,how long not sure
the van has been driven for 3 years with this noise and is it worth fixing? strong motor
new pads and shoes where put on and there is no visable brake fluid leak
never had a problem with the auto od(overdrive) trans----------then suddenly all at once -it wont go forward -only reverse-help -thanks Joseph
i have a leak in the top hose of the water pump that goes into the motor, i need to see how far back into the motor it goes and how do i repair the leak?