Dodge is saying it's a power thing! No help. Sometimes it works intermittently.

It has shut down 4 times on highway. The plugs and pcm were replaced new. It bucks then check engine light comes on along with throttle red lightening bolt. It is not throwing any codes and dealership does not know problem.

blow out hot air at floor vents. Also the recirculation fan does not work anymore, Any ideals what to check?

The PARK does not engage, so my truck does not turn off all the way, and I can't remove the key. Dealer says I need to buy a $431 WIN Module and have them replace it and reprogram my keys. Mechanic friend says it could be the Neutral/Park safety switch. Google says Steering Column Gear Shift Blocker needs to be replaced. Model Years 01 & 02 had recalls on Ignition/Park Shift Interlock System. Which is it and what will it cost to fix?

I'm in the Army and recently bought 2009 Dodge Ram 155 with additional bumper to bumper warranty. I was told the a/c wiring harness is corroded and warranty does not cover that. Cost $339 to replace

End of cable popped out of guide ,used to open close window can't move cable to reset into guide.

I dont know wat i should i do

The ABS as Scanned and I was told to replace the sensor and ABS modular.

I'm down to the heads but I see a what looks like a plastic cover at the front side of left head. Does that have to come out to remove the head bolts? If so, how?

first time it happened

looking to get it back in 2 wheel drive. As you know cant drive on the road with it in 4 wheel drive low. No matter where switch is set it will not come out of LOW.