Truck was running fine all day , went to the store and once I got back in it didn't want to start but once it did the engine was shaking and and making nosies white smoke came from muffler , after pressing on the gas for a little while the shaking slowed down and nosie stopped complety and was able to drive it home , started a hour later and the same thing happend again

I event tried starter fluid still no go, Whats next?
Would a Camshaft Sensor cause absolutely no start?

How can ibfind th problem without throwimg a bunch of parts on?

Truck is just sitting. parked last night. went to leave this am would not crank over, battery is good lights warning bells,dash panel comes alive. will not crank. no grinding, or clicking just a small snap when you try to engage the starter, no burn smells ect.

just had the gasket and filter changed

the truck was drove and stopped at store then got back into it and it would turn over but not start, I replaced cam,crank sensor, throttle sensor. had alternator checked, starter checked, its getting fuel and fire. but will try to crank after battery has been off a day or so but not completely fire up.

i have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 2wd. i was driving home last thursday morning and had my check enging light come on. I went and had the code read on it and it said that i had a misfire on cylinder #5. I looked at the cylinder and the coil pack was cracked on the opposite side of the wiring connection. I pulled the pack and replaced it and it ran fine for about 15 miles and once again it died on me and would not start. I didn't think to check the coil pack again because I wasn't expecting it to be broken again so I looked online to see what could be causing the truck not to start. I replaced the cam shaft sensor, the crank shaft sensor and the EGR valve. none of that worked so I reset the battery and it started long enough for me to get to autozone to have another code read and once again it showed that I had a misfire on cylinder 5 and I looked at it and it had about a half inch hole in it. I replaced it along with new plugs and it seemed to be running fine for about 20 minutes and my check engine light once again came on. I was not thinking anything of it because it had been coming on for a loose gas cap code. I drove it for about 5 miles and as I was puling back into the drive way it shut off once again started running rough and died and will not start again so I raised the hood and once again the coil pack it busted. Please help!

143,000 miles, 4x4. no dash lights come on when it cuts off. Just took it from Charlotte to Savannah and it stopped 4 times on highway and starts right back up. This happens only every 2 or 3 days. Check engine is not on.

problems occurs all the time

Twice on a road compressor has been installed and magnet replaced at the clutch, and partial charged to make sure it will engaged, but compressor will only allow me one 8 oz. of R134A and will not run truly engaged and starts to get sluggish, dragging and noisy slowing my clutch pulley, we changed the a/c orifice tube by replacing the entire a/c liquid line with orifice integrated and then flush the system entirely. the only thing we did not replaced is the pressure switch because the condenser fan energizes fine. Also checked power supply to the clutch showing 14 volts d.c coming out of the integrated power module located on left side fender (driver side).. we done everything we could, maybe we need to place a diode to the magnet to clean the ripple out the 14vdc?...any help will be welcome...thanks....have great day.

Its a dodge ram 1500 4.7l flex engine, the PCM is apparently bad and damaging the engine components. How much should it cost to replace and flash the PCM? Does this have to be done at/by a dealer?

changed rear left park light and right turn signal bulb still won't work

I've replaced the camshaft position sensors and reset the computer then I run the truck and it will do the same thing over and over what else can I do

someone replaced my ac condenser fan I believe the one by the radiator. and after wards the 4x4 light came on and the speedometer stopped working and the transmission locked until 4x4 actuator was disconnected and help?