My rearend on my dodge ram 4x4 1500 is blown, and trying to find one for a reasonable price is not easy.

Never had any problems with the AC before I took it in to have the water pump replaced. When I got a mile down the road I started hearing a squeal. Took it back they said that happens when you replace a water pump.

Just rebuilt topend

Overturning over but wontstart

transmission casing (extension housing) bolts need to be tightened. What type of tool should be used to tighten them?

Now want start i have check fuse
On the dash its saying no fuse but i check them all now check engine sign blinks while i am trying to start its turning over good

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram hemi mega cab RWD, what do the front sway bar end links actually look like for this truck?

5 minutes later my service engine soon light came on. Whats the problem?

Could the camshaft sensor being out cause the knock sensors to act up? Or does this sound like an wiring harness issue?

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.7 HEMI. I am replacing the water pump. As I was removing the pump, I noticed that there were a couple of bolts missing. Is there anyone that knows which length bolts go to each hole so I can order the correct replacements? There are 10 or 11 bolts for this water pump.