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replaced crankshaft and camshaft position sensors..no help. I have to give it the gas for it to start...then hard start..been doing this for over a year..sometimes malfunction light comes on..but dealer said no codes....
I changd the egr valve to stop the rough idle but it continues to smoke from exhaust
Every morning there's a puddle of what I believe to be transmission fluid under the front of my pickup. I have driven it to warm it up and check the fluid. The levels are always within the limits. I have added a trans...
my knob for the airflow control only works on high, whether its AC or heat it works great on high, but nothing at all on the lower settings. Any advice?
Occasionally the truck will stall at a stop. Not always, but fairly often. It always restarts immediately. I've noticed that its particularly likely after a hard braking.
On delay the wipers seem to have a mind of their own. At any speed they wipe once, twice or more and at different intervals. When turned completely on they seem to work fine.
There's a grinding noise coming from the rear of the truck when in reverse. It's especially noticeable when turning. There's been a recent recall for a pinion problem but the notice said there are no parts available t...
When the light comes on I'll notice either the temp. gauge or the oil gauge buried. Restarting the truck fixes the problem. Usually only happens in cold weather but recently happened on a warm day. Any ideas?
when i was driving my truck through my back and the check enigine lite came. There are onl 20 thousand miles on the truck. Do you know what is wrong with it?