only when turning left feels like a hydraulic clynder chattering or a dragging

Started last week all at once

The Ram truck that I had purchased was debadged by the previous owner. I'd like to re-badge it with black badges, but I don't know the positioning and what badges were originally there.

Sometimes the climate control nobs will not do anything when turned. For example, I recently set the climate control to blow out at the floor but when I changed it back to blow out from the dash with the nob, the air continued to blow out from the floor. It took a while of tinkering before it finally started to work again.

From what I can tell, the compressor is doing its job, however after blowing cold for a while, the air will suddenly switch to warm for no apparent reason.

I leveled the truck and think one coil was put in upside down. It's to stiff to even drive. I extended the shocks to compensate and it's still stiff as can be.

turns over but cuts off as if not getting gas. is there a fuel filter on this model?
checked throttle body and it seems fine. but still hving problem.

could it be a linkage adjustment ?

Went for gas and groceries last night, everything operating normally. Next morning, cranks and cranks, but won't turn over. Did a quick error code check with ignition key and get P0128 - "Cooling Sys Error / Thermostat Perf". Checked outside fuses for an obvious culprit, swapped around a couple ignition type fuses, but no effect. After searching around on line, it was suggested that I remove battery cables for 20 seconds and re-attach to reset a possible static discharge issue with the ignition/key. No effect. Trying to listen for the fuel pump, all I really hear is some clicking. I also read conflicting reports about a faulty thermostat potentially preventing ignition, but before I start spending money, I was hoping for another opinion. Oh and yes, I checked the connection to the flux capacitor and the air in the tires, all seemed to be in order. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate any suggestions.