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I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7 hemi. I have both PO171 and PO172 codes. Can clear them but they come back. Please help?????
Runs fine but fuel mileage is bad. Can clear the code but it comes back in a few minutes. All sensors have been replaced on the engine. Plugs Etc. Have you heard of what may cause this?
Drive the truck 1 mile or less, thats when truck goes crazy. All of a sudden, The cluster lights up, gauges flat line, ABS light on engine light on. No head lights, no tail lights, no turn signal. Speedometer bounces ...
Check all bulbs daily front and rear. Left turn signal light blinks repidly compared to right. Replaced all rear bulbs and circuit boards for taillights. Lamp out message on dash remains
I have heard alot of the same thing happenin to many hemi truck owners but no one has an answer. Can anyone help with a strating point of what's wrong. When throttle acceleration it begins to die down,will stall but w...
Hard to describe. But I feel when driving low speed and low rpms, it seems to not hold gear. Can't tell if it's down shifting or shifting up too soon. My uneducated description would be it's not holding gear long e...
Im constantly getting air in cooling system. The heads and gaskets have been repaired
does anyone know where I can order apps for a 2004 dodge 1500 5.7 hemi? it seems they all have tps for evey other engine.
I have a 2004 Dodge ram 1500 5.7. i have changed water pump thermostad flushed core and the air still luke warm. I do notice that the heater hoses one is hot and the other is warm. can any one try to help. Thanks
Minor amounts of coolant showing in oil, but oil low. No visible leaks at all. Problem?
Getting hot, mechanic said fan clutch bad, replaced and topped off all fluids. 2 weeks later, coolant low, oil 1/2 qt low. when pulling fill cap for oil had condensation in it..Coolant??
when my truck is off sometimes the blinker light comes on but stays solidly lit in my front passenger side. the rear blinker blinks fast and the front right not at all. sometimes it turns off otherwise I wake up to a ...
I was getting a code for lean mix bank 1 and 2, it was having hard cold starts, a lot of stumbles until it was warmed up, then occasional stumbles or completely cut out at highway speed, but didnt die. I had a problem...
crank sensor or cam sensor or both plus when i hit the gas hard no power