The child window locks are not enabled. I noticed in the summer months when the inside would get increasingly hot that the passenger window controls would work sometimes but would always go back to not working.

It's a 4.7 liter V8. And it's burning through at least a quart a week. Haven't noticed any white or black smoke. Nor oil leaking from under motor.

After 90,000 miles the A/C just trickles cold air into the cabin. The air that does come out is very cold, there just isn't much of it. What can I do to fix this?

Changed coils,plugs,injectors. Still no fire

When the light go out at least the air work

The turn signals work on dash but won't work outside. I replaced the brake light switch and the bulbs but that still didn't work. Does anyone know anything else that I can do to fix this problem?

I have a 03 4.7 ram that randomly shuts down when making left hand
turns. It acts like the engine is turned off, or the computer is not
recognizing the engine died. Basically every once and a while when I make
a left hand turn while braking, no throttle applied, the engine just shuts off.
No noticeable sputtering or rough idle, just shuts off. Also no dash light
come on like if the engine died normally. No check gauges, no engine light.
Radio, Light and AC will stay on as if nothing happened. Stop the truck and
turn the key everything starts back up normally.

The problem happened once about a year ago, but has happened twice in 4 days now. Only change lately was I changed the condenser fan motor about a week ago.

3.55 ratio, 4X4

this occurred for for a while when finally the truck just wouldn't start one day. I replaced the throttle body, still was not able to start. Towed it to a dealership. They replaced the main computer and said it looked like rabbits had chewed up some wires causing a short. They said they repaired the wires. So if not the main computer or throttle body, what else would cause these only when accelerating?

So I just bought a 2003 dodge 1500 hemi 5.7. The dealership told me it was only the exhaust. I keep hearing the tick tick tick noise while it idols. I'm starting to get scared it's in the engine. Friends and local mechanic's say it is possibly a lifter, but they aren't sure if changing the lifter will help it any.. what should I do? Change the exhaust to see if that's what it is?? I just hope I didn't buy someone else's problems. It has 136000 miles on it. I paid with tax 8316. This tick seems to happen while it's hot..

can I be reimbursed if its under recall it locked up the rear end came to a dead stop now