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Changed the crank sensor and that did nothing. Haven't had much time to mess with it. Liking for ideas of what else it could be.
The sensor for the outside Temperture where the Wireing side of the sensor connects with the sensor itself the wires have been eaten up by mag chloride and broke at the plug its self where can I get just the Wireing ...
So I keep getting water in my engine and also in my air box right above the manifold. My ram is not over heating. Has anyone had this issue and wat could be the problem?
After a few miles of driving it will shift what could be the reason
My engine light is off so it want give no codes but my truck dies at stops unless its in neutral
This started a couple weeks ago had to change the plugs they were foweled replaced one coil pack ran ok for a week then came the lose of power and roughness
not having the instructions i messed up when i installed a new gauge cluster backing cover. this replaces the factory white gauges with a new chrome backing cover. i removed all the gauge needles, installed the cover ...
Seems the racket is coming from passenger side. We have spent close to 4,500.00 since 2008.
Replaced plugs, coil packs on each cylendar not just 7. Just had a new catalytic converter and dual exhaust installed in July.