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Recently my truck started to roll when I shut it off and placed it in park. I took it to a local Chrysler/Dodge dealer Wed. 3/2/11 for a safety recall G28-Ignition/Park Shift Interlock. The problem can allow the shift...
just dies and sometimes will start right away and sometimes couple of hrs. cranks like out of fuel, but not.
while driving my 02 dodge 1500 pu the door locks started going up and down and light came on saying open door and dinging what could be wrong? thank you for any help.-Michelle
garage told me the drivers side wheel hub assembly was worn and needs to be replaced. need an estimate but nothing shows up under this type of repair.
the passenger side of the head light on my 2002 dodge ram is not working
If we have heavy rain the truck will turn over but not fire. After the rain stops and truck dries the truck will crank like nothing has happened.
can parts from a 1996 dodge ram 5.2,be used on a 2002 4.7 dodge ram q or what year,make,model is the 2002 dodge ram enerchangeable with ...
my heater is blowing but not haeting ihave replaced the thermostsat and it still not getting warm. what other problem may exist?
seat rocks back and forth when stopping and starting the dealer claims this also is why my power seat button to move seat back and forth does not work! They will not replace it because 1. They can't find a seat track ...
Today, I used my key to open the door and the alarm went off. Now, I can not turn the car on. However, the battery is still operational and my radio still works. The car turns over for a second but then nothing.
When I turn the heater or a/c on I have noticed that nothing coming through the vents. The blower motor is on and you could hear air going through but nothing comes out ,or very little air is coming out.
Are you going to replace the head bolts. They are torque to yield. If your going to give an estimate get it right.