I have seen this asked many times...with just as many answers. I hope someone can help me out with a little more detail. The speedo in my truck works intermittently, the ABS/brake lights are on, and the check engine light came on today. Previously, the CEL wasn't on, but I don't show codes for emissions. Only the P0500 code. Also, the gas gauge quit working and only shows empty. I have changed the rear speed sensor and the transmission speed sensor, cleaned the ABS module plug and module, checked the wiring to the PDM, and all the wiring to the sensors. I have read that people have had problems with the ignition switches, but not sure if this is my problem. I don't want to spend the $300 on and ABS module without knowing that is the problem. Is there any way to test the module without replacing it?

rough idle and stalls out in low idle when it idles rough while driveing i give it more gas and the rought idle goes away. happens ever day i drive my truck

now it leaks a little more but does not over heat have hose next to it and black wire do not no if it could be from them and clus

The blower in my truck just all of a sudden quit. It will work on high but that is it. What could cause this.

bicause i check every sensor and the probleme still there and i have no prescion when i whont to take the kik down my gaz is working good but when i whant a kickdown it take the speed very slowly please help me !

I can't get my passenger side axel assembly off and I just need to put a new boot on.

i recently had a new heater core installed at the dealer about a month ago,this problem just occured yesterday,what is the likely causes

It says there are revised PCV system components to repair this concern. What is the fix?

Dome light quit working along with power mirrors. Ran test on instrument cluster got code 27 dome light output circuit open or short. Where should I look. I also checked I have no power going to the housing inside the truck. The bulb is good.

i replace torqueconverter,,, torconvertersolenoid,,governorswitch,,and d code come back ,,????

the dash cracked and the pieces fell and now th a/c only blows on defrost and floor

My compressor is running. No cool air is coming through vents on passenger side. Driver side was cooling for a while now that side does not cool either. It is almost as if something is blocking the cool because the hoses under hood have ice on them and are ice cold. Is there a part that controls this process?

No one at Dodge seems to know how to set the clock on my truck. And I don't want to keep pulling the fuse to set it! Thanks

Shock are ok. Can rock truck side to side and create the noise also. Thought it may be bushings.

gov. and pressure solenoid replaced/ OD/TCC switch not replaced. Could that be the problem?