the dash cracked and the pieces fell and now th a/c only blows on defrost and floor

My compressor is running. No cool air is coming through vents on passenger side. Driver side was cooling for a while now that side does not cool either. It is almost as if something is blocking the cool because the hoses under hood have ice on them and are ice cold. Is there a part that controls this process?

No one at Dodge seems to know how to set the clock on my truck. And I don't want to keep pulling the fuse to set it! Thanks

Shock are ok. Can rock truck side to side and create the noise also. Thought it may be bushings.

gov. and pressure solenoid replaced/ OD/TCC switch not replaced. Could that be the problem?

no gauges and the anti theft light is on help me

Replaced both bank 1 & 2 heater o2 sensors with TDK brand, goes from low voltage when cold and to high voltage when warmed up and lean condition code, replaced a very greasy k&n filter and cleaned air flow tube up to throttle body opened flapper and cleaned out some greasy film from inside throttle body, could mass airflow be problem with these codes and if so how should I clean it or replace. Thanks for any help with this

radiator an eventully truck got hot an shut down. changed radiator an still loosing water out the exhaust. loosing about a gal every 60 miles. coming out both tail pipes. need input.

I have tried taking the arm off and repositioning it at the bottom but the wiper on the driver side does not come to full top and goes too far down on pulse.

This problem has occured off and on.I had it cked.at Dodge service,they put some attachment to it and could not find any problem,Then the light went off.It is back on again,the truck is runing fine,

shifter will not move from park

Coolant is leaking from a tube on the firewall of the passanger side. What would cause this. I just replaced the Radiator,water pump, fan,thermostat and hoses. the Heater did not work properly after the work was done about a month ago. Is it my heater core?

at seems to short for a spit seacond and turns on the built in security what could be the problem.

Heater blower doesn't get current, Mechanic says replace ignition switch and pigtail due to burnt wire. cost 422.

i jus move to Missouri, from Fla. an bought the truck n Fla. right before i move here. I cant change the heads this month.. Can i trust it to go back and forth to my doctors a hour away?? I keep an eye on the gages an check the water level daily. I have use lquid glass, that didnt last long, cause i needed anti freeze, then we added some other gasket sealer. my water pump was change after that.. can i drive it alil. longer??