losing oil but no leaks and no visible smoke

I have flushed the heater core no leaks or blockages my coolant is full of new antifreeze and I have to wiggle the temperature knob and when I here the flap open I only get Luke warm heat

My truck is hesitating. When I start it up it does it really bad untill it warms up. You can hear it. Its like it wants to stall but doesnt.

Replaced the water pump and engine started overheating. Replaced the thermostat and coolant only gets warm, and no heat blows out from the heater. I have replaced the fan relay under the glove box twice and it only work on high setting

when i start the truck the lamp light flash, and stay on.

wind shield wipers going crazy, some times they work, some times they do what they want. ( WTH )

when key is turned on starter doesnt make a click. fuses and relays appear to be good

The truck has been sitting a couple months but my gauges worked when I started it yesterday

I replaced my hood latch cable and was very cautious pulling my guide wire back when I pulled the old 1 out and the new 1 threw. Set the hood and went to turn my truck around to do my rear bearings and had nothing. With the key turned I can shift to everything without pushing the brake. I can move my seats and turn on lights and cargos come on with dome lights. I have no power to anything that requires it with the key in the acc run or start position. It doesn't even try to start or anything. I drove it half a mile to work on it and it started up just fine with no problems. I checked what I could but what could cause this and where do I need to look if it is a wiring problem?

2002 Dodge RAM 1500. 4.7L

can't change flow direction for heat or a/c. doesn't matter where I set dial,always comes out the same spot

Failure of engine. Dealership said 2002-2003 Ram 1500's had bad engineering design on that year model. They don't / won't even make them due to so many flaws on their part

And can you bypass hydraulic heater booster any help would be appreciated

I was in my pick up yesterday at the store started it up several my gauges on my Dash came on how to turn on air conditioning and some other things in my pickup they did not work I turn pickup off then restarted it everything went back to normal light on dash went out and everything what could be the problem and what can I do? Thanks

5.9 quad cab 4x4