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Changed to water pump,all gaskets& belts, plus 1day labor to take off grill, radiator, and fan to get to pump. Cost no less than $1200.Isn't this a bit too much in cost and R&R? Car doesn't squeak, squeal, or grind. J...
My laramie slt did not come with factory fog lights, they were added before i bought it and use a toggle switch. I purchased the oem headlight switch with fog lights where do I connect my fog lights to the oem switch
When i really get on the throttle my motor makes a clattering noise what is it and what are repairs i need to do
I had my heat core change a couple months ago.I just had my air conditioning done.I can feel the parts outside cold.but the in side blows hot even on the air when I switched it
there is a plug of some kind that goes into the block near the dipstick tube on the right side. Three wires-red,black and green.the plug on the other end goes into the harness.looks like I'll have to pull the exhaust ...
I was told maybe it's the temperature sencor. Where's this located?
I can't turn them up because the dome light immediately comes on so I replaced itwith aanother used switch. Is there any way to adjust this or fix it without buying a new one.
R.R heater core
My mecanic check water lines thermostat water pump and he say he don't know what's the problem
Getting passed or turning the wheel back and fourth it d Feels like the ass end is sliding in mud. What do i check and how?
I replaced my four wheel drive transmission with a two wheel drive transmission and now my truck won't crank. It turns over and tries to start but nothinghhappened. What could be the problem?