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check engine light came on after getting gas. truck drives fine- will tightening the cap eliminate the light ?

I changed the transmission filter the other day to help with my shifting issues. I noticed there was water dripping from the top of the transmission. The shifting problem was halfway fixed ado i drove down the highway. Got to my destination and had radiator fluid pouring out of three shield between trans and motor. What's up with that?

I don't remember were the long bolts go on the waterpump.

What trque and crossing pattern when I replace my water pump

now it makes a clinking sound when i ste= on the gas

Drives without a miss till about two to three miles out.
When I punch it, it stops till I let off the gas, then the miss returns.

old pcm sn ended with AA was factory updated to AB bought reman flashed pcm AG will this work now im getting all kinds of codes po 031 po 037 po 443

I have replaced fuel pump, idle air control valve and tps due to the issue. I'm still getting the crank but no start? I check for sparks and I do have sparks. Possible solution or more test I should do? I try connecting scan tool it seem like obd wasn't connect to the scan tool too

It's a 4 wheel drive

So about a month ago my trucks battery finally ended so i replaced it brand new one no problems started up drove and everything. Well couple days ago my father needed to borrow it so i let him. Went to go get it no power battery dead. Okay must of left a light on or something hes not use to my truck fine lets jump it. Jumped it truck started but it will not stay on unless you are giving it gas. Its been very cold lately like 5 degress night and 25 high and been sitting okay so hold onto the gas for five minutes still turns right off as soon as you let go. Brand new fuel pumped replaced like five months ago. Hasnt had any problems, but the battery died now the truck will not stay on and while jumping it the battery is at 14 volts. What do you think could be the issue, for it not to stay on?

No blower action when when switch is in low or medium position.
Blower motor only operates on high.

If I start engine and drive it shutters and misses for a few minutes , Then recovers and runs great.Have replaced crank sensor, coil, distributer cap and rotor. I did a vacuum leak test using carb cleaner. Couldn't find a leak. Any ideas?