2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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check engine light on. code reader said misfire of cylinder 6 so replaced plug, wire, and cap. reset and light came back on. now engine shuts off after warm-up.

My truck started giving me some problems. I was told it could be the computer because some things stop working such as my heater, air, and speed hand. Is this possible?

The problem occurs over time I drive with A/C on.

Run rough it ran fine the night before and when I got up to go to work the next day it run like the timing was off

I can turn to the right . but not to the left

Sometimes when I start the truck I get the air bag and break light on. The electric windows and fan motor (in the truck) will not work. If I drive it, it will not shift out of first gear. If I shout it off and restart sometimes this fixes it. ??? got me - now what?? no number when I do a computer check.

I'm trying to fix my truck and parts don't match. Example is the ashtray broke. I had to buy one for 1994-97 to fit. 2000 ashtray completely different. Have same problem with seat covers, lights etc..

let cool off tried to drive still goes up to red line 260 degrees

I've changed the coil and the pick up coil,didnt fix

Code pops up at random times. Engine idol is rough, stalls at stop lights.

I got truck they said freeze plugs were bad drop transmission.. Put freeze plugs .and knew starter ..and put it nearly all back together... Left 2screws off the transmission... And tried to see if it would crank... But just makes like a whine