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when put in forward gear there is a squeel like a belt slipping
when transmission is put in forward gear there is a sound like a belt slipping
my abs and brake light stay on but do go off now and then replaced sensors already recently put new rear end im at a end also have a misfire on #8 cylinder changed plugs aND WIRE SEMMS TO GET WORSE WHEN ITS HOT ANY SU...
New crank sensor can it be bad
New fuel pump crank sencer no power to pump or coil
My temp gauge on my truck does not work it will move up a little bit when I turn the key over but can drive all day and will not move any? I have filled radiator with antifreeze and still no luck? My heater also blows...
Hi all, I dropped the pan a few months ago on my transmission and replaced the shift solenoids and the filter inside of the pan. Now the truck has developed a leak that is dripping out of the front at the bell hous...