Truck has set without battery for awhile

Also loses heat when you switch it

Put it on the rack listen with a screwdriver no noise from the actual notice from the differential the noise is coming 6 inches from the end of the drive shaft that goes into the differential what is it it was from the time you start out 10 miles an hour it goes louder as you go faster but never stops ?

does not work at all

Check fuze's all good. Need to know what it might be.

I have replaced the battery and the terminal ends, idle air control valve, tested the TPS (tested good), fuel pump, ignition coil, and cleaned the TB. Scanner is popping the code P0315 (Primary/Secondary Ignition Malfunction). Any idea on how to proceed?

on a 178 mile trip used like gallon of oil .my trans isnt shifting to o d either

As I'm driving and come to a stop sign or red light and hit the breaks it idles up and down then it cuts off. It cranks right back up with a little hit of the gas but continue to do the same thing. Also when I crank up and bout 3 to 5 minutes in park it starts idling out of control if I don't hit the gas it's go shut off help please.

Need pics or video to see how to remove and/or replace/fix it! Please & Thanks

How do you replace a/c control

Show breakdown of blower motor control

Cabin filter needs to be changed

It's not all the time. Only at idle acts like it's running out of gas. Reving it up helps sometimes stops it

I can see oil is leaking from the part where the drive shaft connects to the rear end. Does that mean I need a new rear end or is there a gasket that goes in there or what? It's not leaking from the back of the differential but right where the u joint part seems to connect to the rear end.

all the time