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I travel alot from TN to OH. On one of my trips, my truck sounded like it was only firing on a couple cylenders. Come to find out, the fuel pump went out. I replaced the fuel pump. The problem fixed for a short pe...
i have a 97 dodge 1500 5.9 4x4 xtra cab that the heater isn't working. i have flushed the heater core, changed the thermostat to no avail. however i have noticed the antifreeze in the radiator is not warming to the t...
The starter turns over but the truck won't start. When either is sprayed into carburator truck engine fires.
After the tank is empty and loward how do I remove fuel pump
how is the best way to drain gas tank so i can replace the new fuel pump
When I drive my pick up for a will and stop and go in some where I will come out and some times the truck will not start, let it set and get cool it will start back up and there is no running problems when it starts
I have checked all fuses that I know to check 3 times. ASD relay does not seem to click/engage when key is in run position, but starter relay will click/engage when key is turned to start. I have swapped known good re...
I can drive the truck as little as two miles and when I get back in it won’t start. No solenoid clicking and no starter spin. I have a good battery. Lights come on bright. What is it?
could someone tell me the exact location of my crank sensor on a 5.2L dodge truck 1500 1997.
on the way home my truck started running bad and then back firing.then over heated.i got the overheating fixed by putting new thermostat,but now it startes but when i give it gas it just falls on its face.idles ok but...
had have my system check numerous times and it always reads EVAP emissions. what can I do do elimanate this from having my check engine light to always come on
At what mileage should the timing chain be replaced?
How do you remove the rear axles on a 1997 dodge 1500 p/u
code 12 came on after changing out left front fender Say's problem with battery connection. Direct battery connection to PCM disconnected within the last 50 ignition key on cycles. tried to reset but Stays on.? Please...