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dodge 1997 will not start in park have to put it in neutrel before start , what is problem.
I have no wipers, signal lights, tail lights or brake lights. At first it was all that PLUS headlights, fog lights, high beams and dashboard lights. I changed the wiper switch amd headlight switch, checked all fuses a...
can i replace the 1997 transmission for a 2006 transmission will it work conrectly
I would like to know if a 1970's automatic will work in my 1997?
My headlights are not working. If you hold the high beam switch they work but I realy cant drive that way. I took the switch out of the dash & the wire is blackened. When I messed with the wire the lights came on b...
i need to know where the fuse is for the crusie control if there is one
can someone tell me how long does it take for the compter to reset its telling me that the 02heater and just the 02 sen. is not complete and the truck wont pass state insp. untill they read complete
where is relay switch located
cold morning, i let my truck idle to warm it up for about 15 minutes. while standing next to it the engine just stopped running. no sputtering, just died. the fuel tank had maybe an 1/8 in it. i put 2 more gallons of...
i need to know what the firer order is for a doge ram 1500 ex/cab 2 wheel drive
Ireplaced the pitman arm and idler arm last year due to a violent shake in the front end when hitting bumps and brakes. That solved the problem at the time but now the violence is back. I noticed the shaft on the gear...
antifreeze blew out radiator cap and filled the overflow tank up.
plz help fix vac problem.. wont come out 4x4 unless unplug vacuum... front end wont disengage.i wanna replace the transfer case switch that is suppose to switch my vacuum from one line to the other to disengage it and...
where can i get photo of the right way to mount[install]front swaybar
how do you connect the fuel line to the manifold?