1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions

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but when I turn my high beam on they light up but wont stay on i have to hold it when i drive but if I mess with it every now and then the head lights would work but rarely and stay on and if I turn it off it wont go back on

after i pull over i use to beable to restart it but now i cant. It has a rotten egg smell which i now is the cat. But there was another underline issue i dont know about. The ignition coil has been replaced spark plugs and wires replaces. Could the crankshaft position sensor be an issue. Please let me know thank you

My heater is luke warm and im smelling antifreeze while driving it at times. What could this be?

96 ram wont start.checked relay and fuse for fuel pump.when i removed the fuel pump fuse and checked for power one side had power and with key on both sides have power with no fuse in wires underneath look burnt or shorted

1997 4x4 1500 dodge ram 5.2 v8 manual transmission

When the head lights are on the tail lights, brake lights and rear blinkers don't work.

I replaced water pump, oil change, and a few minor tune ups. When I took off water pump, I had to take out the radiator and the fan cover in order to get to the pump. This morning I see it has leaked about a pint or two of transmission fuel but can't tell where it's coming from. More towards the front,could it be a loose hose attaching to the radiator?