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Only leaks while running and shortly thereafter. Leaking down between the bell housing and oil pan. Leak just began yesterday and is significant. What is it and what do I have to tear apart to fix it?
TNumber 7 cylinda miss fire I've checked everything and every tree trips the code po307 comes up and at about 80 cycles the mil will turn off then after three trips
I took a test light and checked motors. All have power to them. Ground is good. I bought a new motor and hooked it up. Still nothing. I have power at the switch also.
Automatic transmission on the truck. How much time does all data or mitchell's say this procedure should take to make sure my mechanic is not overcharging me? Thank you in advance!
It seem to be coming from the back side of the block
97 Ram 1500 5.9 overheats and boils over very quickly. If I leave the radiator cap on loosely doesn't seem to overheat. With cap off, raising rpm's level in radiator drops down for couple of seconds, then over flows. ...
at seventy mph the tach will jump and some hesitastion will happen, i've changed fuel pump, rotor, distributor cap, plug wires, plugs were changed about 2,000 miles ago. no codes, no check engine lite.
I replaced the catalytic converter and o2s11 and have driven the truck for almost 300 miles. The o2 sensor heater monitor cleared, but the o2 sensor monitor and catalyst monitor have not. There are no codes coming up ...
I just currently got hot air blowing as I found the plastic gear not engaging to climate control now I'm not able to get cold air and yes I checked the gear and it works fine please help thx.p.s I turn it to a/c and n...
im having trouble getting hot air coming out when switch is on heat,both hoses are hot i already blew through the heater core with 90 psi air and thats clear hmm what next
I have already changed the engine temp sensor and no luck. Anything else?
The oil pressure gauge goes to its normal setting, but the warning light continues to stay on. I just had the whole top half of my engine fixed, oil used to leak and no longer does. The light still comes on.